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If you make products or equipment that must stand up to real world conditions, we can help you make them smarter, quieter and more efficient. As a global supplier of precision fabricated thermal and acoustical materials, Concote manufactures and distributes foam, fiberglass, plastics and adhesives with an eye towards maximizing efficiency, performance and durability.


Spectape is a distributorship, reselling and converting industrial packaging tapes, packaging materials and other specialty items predominantly involving pressure sensitive adhesive systems.

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Insul-Fab is a manufacturer and converter of foam goods, rubber products, fiberglass, plastics, adhesives and other composite materials which serve primarily as acoustic, thermal and electrical barriers and insulators. All of Insul-Fab’s products are made to customer-specification.

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January 5 2021


Insul-Fab is pleased to have been presented with a Performance Excellence Award by one of the world’s largest aerospace OEM, the Boeing Company.

Insul-Fab utilized the AS 9100 Quality System, Epicor ERP Manufacturing software and the dedication of over 150 employees to reach superior supplier performance. Receiving a Performance Excellence Award involves supplying Boeing with defect-free products, utilizing the tools found in Boeing’s quality system, ordering platforms, while also successfully navigating the stringent contract and supply process. Insul-Fab’s performance is monitored and measured by Boeing monthly, and its facility and systems are independently audited by representatives from The Boeing organization on a yearly basis.

    Keys to Success

  • Access to advanced, engineered raw materials based on approved Boeing material specifications
  • Ability to meet Boeing’s strict Guidelines for Quality and Sourcing, including credit, contracting and compliance
  • Analyzing forecasts for 737, 747, 767, 777, and 787 production lines
  • Providing on-time delivery, accommodating account change orders, modified delivery dates and special requests.

Insul-Fab hopes to continue on this path of success.

August 31 2020


Insul-Fab, based in Coppell, Texas, is typically manufacturing parts for Original Equipment Manufacturers of HVAC equipment, commercial aircraft and computer companies. But during the Covid-19 pandemic, a line of personal protective equipment (PPE) was released to help protect U.S. healthcare workers and citizens. After starting with medical face shields, dental face shields, and non-surgical isolation gowns, the FDA registered company engineered and began producing Desk Shields and Table Shields for classroom and lunchroom use as the country returns to school.

CEO, Shelby Ricketts, worked with his engineering and production teams to deploy a free-standing desktop isolation device, called the IF DESK SHIELD for students. Each trifold desk shield is made from durable white corrugated plastic with three transparent polycarbonate windows for visibility. They are portable and safely free-stand on a table or desk to isolate an individual student. "Once we showed our concept to local educators and administrators, we were overwhelmed by the response. There is clearly a unmet need to implement measures keep our students safe, and we're glad to support that need", Ricketts said.

The IF DESK SHIELD product is currently in mass production and being shipped to fulfill direct orders from Texas school districts and private schools. They are also available in limited quantities through the company's Amazon storefront.

The next product being released is a similar device for tabletops in an "X" configuration to isolate four students at a classroom or lunchroom table. The IF TABLE SHIELD is made from the same materials and maintains the feature of being free-standing, which dramatically simplifies installation and use. These can also be purchased through the company's or may be, ordered directly from Insul-Fab.

July 22, 2019

Custom packaging solution to prevent costly product damage

SpecTape is constantly looking for ways to increase specialty and customized items to better provide our customers with solutions that fulfill their packaging, fabricating, and production needs.

Recently SpecTape had the opportunity to offer a packaging solution to a customer that could reduce the estimated 1 million dollars lost due to damages occurring during transport and delivery of their products.

The customer needed a solution designed to hold their large molded parts together during transit. The solution needed to be robust enough to protect the product during loading, unloading, and any additional handling during the delivery process. After reviewing the issues presented by the customer and working one-on-one with their packaging team, SpecTape identified the best solution was to design a custom stretch film machine to handle the customer’s bulky products. SpecTape then partnered with Western Plastics to produce a customized piece of equipment designed to hold the customer’s product on the machine during packaging. This machine could take the very bulky, stacked parts and wrap them securely enough to the point where there was little to no movement occurring during transit. The film selected has exceptional memory and keeps constant tension on the pack, making the finished pallet of goods more secure.

With the custom equipment and specialty film in place, the damages have declined significantly. This customer has since added a second machine to their main location and many others have begun purchasing the solution designed by SpecTape. We were able to design a custom process with a personal touch to provide the customer the perfect solution to their issues. SpecTape shines in custom applications where the challenges go beyond providing another “me to” product by leveraging our knowledge, expertise, and solutions on the best materials to guarantee success in your application.

March 26, 2020

Texas Based Manufacturing Firm Joins the Fight to Deploy Personal Protective Equipment to Healthcare Workers

Insul-Fab, based in Coppell, Texas, is typically manufacturing parts for Original Equipment Manufacturers of HVAC equipment, commercial aircraft and computer companies. But after a conversation with a key supplier, 3M COMPANY, they were challenged to use materials that they had already sourced in order to fill the growing demand in Personal Protective Equipment for front line health care workers.

President and CEO, Shelby Ricketts, is working with his engineering and production teams to deploy a light-duty face shield ideal for first responders, temporary COVID-19 testing stations, hospital personnel and others workforces that may be exposed to fluids while coming into close contact with people who may be ill. The product covers the nose, mouth, eyes and ears. It is lightweight and lays flat, making it easy to ship in bulk and distribute to personnel on the front lines. It is made from a 10-mil polycarbonate film, with a foam spacer made for skin contact and an adjustable elastic Velcro strap. It is ideal for local governments, large hospitals and other entities that need a high volume of easy-to-deploy face shields.

“As a 3M SELECT CONVERTER, we are ready to bring low cost protective shields to thousands of health care workers during this critical time. We are prepared to shift our high-volume production resources to provide the protection they so desperately need. Our ability to manufacture and distribute on a large scale makes us uniquely qualified to fill a void in PPE for healthcare workers” said Ricketts.

Insul-Fab is a Division of Concote Corporation, headquartered in Coppell, Texas, a suburb of Dallas-Fort Worth. It employs over 200 people between its three locations in Coppell, Tyler, Texas and Monterrey, Mexico. It has over 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space dedicated to manufacturing a variety of insulating materials for the HVAC, Aerospace, Defense, Medical and Original Equipment Manufacturing industries.

To learn more about the design and manufacturing or for media inquiries, contact:

Shelby Ricketts President and CEO Concote Corporation 600 Freeport Parkway, Suite 150 Coppell, Texas 75019 Phone (214) 693-2208 www.insulfab.net shelbyr@concote.com

August 6, 2019

Concote Expands Diesel Insulation Blanket Line

Concote continues to expand its work in flexible insulation blankets for the diesel engine industry.

Diesel engines burn fuel differently than their gasoline-powered counterparts, and often produce less desirable emissions. As global emission standards increase, diesel engine manufacturers have implemented new engine designs which improve emissions but cause significant, additional heat generation.

Concote’s diesel exhaust wraps reduce and control potential radiant heat damage. Concote is continually its diesel exhaust wrap line into industries such as motor home, bus, commercial power generation and a number of industries, all of which grapple with a common problem: how to reduce radiant heat associated with diesel exhaust. Concote’s diesel wrap insulation blankets provide protection at the most demanding temperatures - up to 1300°F. Additionally, Concote’s exhaust wraps are custom-fitted with fastening systems designed for easy installation, removal and servicing.

May 1, 2019

Concote Recognizes its 50th 20 Year Employee

In addition to celebrating its 50th year anniversary last February, Concote has recently awarded its 50th employee reaching 20 years of service to the company!

Although there are many employees at Concote with well over 20 years of service, the 20-year milestone is celebrated by providing employees with an engraved award, placement on our 20 year employee wall of fame and also a monetary award. Concote takes great pride in having long tenured employees who devote a significant part of their working life to the company and we are proud to have so many employees that have reached the milestone.

Founded in 1968, Concote typically employs 150 dedicated employees in Production, Purchasing and Logistics, Quality, Sales, Customer Service, Accounting and a variety of other departments. We are proud to have handed out our 50th 20-year service award, and we look forward to handing out many more in the years to come!



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